Downtown Greensburg Project prepares marketing push for city |

Greensburg wants to show off its good side, and the Downtown Greensburg Project is looking for public feedback on how to do that.

“We’re not the same old city we’ve been for a long time, we want more collaboration, we want a stronger city,” said Jessica Hickey, director of the Downtown Greensburg Project. “So we wanted to create a new brand to help move it along a little bit.”

DGP organizes events and promotes businesses in the city.

City council hired DGP last year at a rate of $1,250 a month to help market the city. Part of that work has been a major rebranding.

Hickey is in the early stages of that project. She’s collecting feedback from an online survey and public focus groups to learn how people see Greensburg, what they like about the city and what they don’t.

Feedback so far has included some complaints — parking is a perennial gripe — but the tone has been generally optimistic, Hickey said.

Source: Downtown Greensburg Project prepares marketing push for city |


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