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San Antonio plane crash: 3 dead after emergency landing goes wrong – CNN

(CNN)An emergency landing went horribly wrong Sunday night as a plane crashed in San Antonio, leaving three dead, according to fire officials.

The small, single-engine plane was leaving Sugar Land and headed to Boerne, Texas, when it developed engine trouble, San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood told CNN affiliate KSAT-TV.
The pilot wanted to make an emergency landing at San Antonio International Airport, Hood said, but ended up crashing into the street.

Fire Chief Charles Hood said the twin-engine plane crashed in a commercial and industrial area killing all three people on board. Hood says the plane had taken off in Sugar Land and was on its way to Boerne when they developed engine problems. The pilot notified the San Antonio International Airport that they were going to divert to the airport to make an emergency landing, but they weren’t able to make it to the airport before crashing.

When firefighters arrived on the scene they found the wreckage beside a street. No one on the ground was hurt. Firefighters have blocked off a wide area around the 600 block of Rhapsody recovering any debris that might have fallen off the plane during the approach and crash. Hood says “as tragic as it is, it could have been much worse” had the plane come down on busy Highway 281 nearby or into a business or apartment complex.

Source: San Antonio plane crash: 3 dead after emergency landing goes wrong – CNN