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Hey, Wasn’t Jesus an immigrant? – Pittsburgh Current

By Jessica Semler
Pittsburgh Current Columnist


There’s a thought that keeps flashing through my mind when I pour through the news about reproductive health access, immigration, and government; do these folks realize that Jesus was an immigrant?

A pregnant woman in Texas lost 20 pounds in an immigration detention center, and her experience is not unique. ICE admitted that nearly 30 women have miscarried while in their custody in the past couple years. My knee jerk reaction is to ask what folks who are Christian, or identity as pro-life have to say about this. During my years at Planned Parenthood, I consistently found that the folks who are the most vocal against abortion care use religion as the driving reason for their fight. Whether it was folks yelling at women outside of clinics with posters and rosaries, or anti-choice legislators voting for abortion bans, it always came back to their religious beliefs.

This feels personal to me. I was raised Catholic, and my dad was the most religious person in my life. In his youth, he even attended the seminary for years and almost became a priest. He was the most compassionate, empathetic man in the world and he was vehemently pro-choice, pro-welfare, pro-gay rights. He held all of these beliefs and they were informed by his faith, not in spite of it.

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