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Who won the Democratic debate? – CNN

CNN Opinion curates commentary on Thursday’s Democratic primary debate.

With each debate, former Vice President Joe Biden’s performance has improved. He handled the predictable incoming questions much better than past debates with greater passion and authenticity. Biden finally began to remind voters of his experience and accomplishments, not only as a senator, but as vice president, proudly serving at the side of the Democrats’ most popular living president. No one else in this race has that resume.

Going forward, Biden needs to continue to focus on his proven ability to get things done, his readiness to lead on day one and his ability to restore normalcy to the presidency. He may have flubbed a few answers, but I attribute that more to the debate format than his competency. The bigger picture is what matters — not nitpicking at inconsequential gaffes.

When he’s speaking from the heart, rather than as a policy wonk, Biden thrives. His final answer of the evening about personal setbacks was a perfect example. Biden was relaxed, empathetic, personally raw and relatable. Biden’s campaign needs to put him in more situations that showcase these attributes. There’s a reason the former vice president is the frontrunner and his camp must capitalize on those assets. The country is crying out for decency, stability and respectability to once again occupy the Oval Office.

Source: Who won the Democratic debate? – CNN