Hole in Russian Space Module Was Drilled, Cosmonauts Find | Fortune

In what looks like a manufacturing error but may turn out to be sabotage, a hole in a Russian Soyuz module was apparently man-made.

Chris B – NSF@NASASpaceflight

ISS Leak summary:

First thought was MMOD strike.

Then NASA released pics. Lots of people: “Hmmm, doesn’t look like MMOD”. NASA deleted the photos.

Top Russian news site RIA NOVOSTI reported – via sources but apparently confirmed by Mr. Rogozin – it was a drill hole.

Last week, astronauts found a two-millimeter hole in the fabric of a Russian Soyuz MS-09 module docked at the International Space Station (ISS). The hole was allowing oxygen to escape, and pressure dropped slightly before the hole was repaired with tape and sealant. At the time, the astronauts thought a “micrometeorite” strike might have been to blame.

Now, however, a more sinister explanation has emerged. According to the head of Roscosmos, Russia’s space agency, the hole had been drilled.

It is not clear whether the drilling was deliberate or accidental, or whether it took place on Earth or in orbit. But, Dmitry Rogozin reportedly said, whoever did it had a “wavering hand” and there had been several attempts at drilling.

As a result, Rogozin said, sabotage cannot be ruled out.

Source: Hole in Russian Space Module Was Drilled, Cosmonauts Find | Fortune


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