YouTube Removes 30 Music Videos for ‘Gestures of Violence’

More than 5,000 drill musicians have signed a petition to stop YouTube from banning the videos

“Extreme violence against women is often talked about,” Dick added. “Most particularly, in London we have gangs who make drill videos and in those videos, they taunt each other. They say what they’re going to do to each other and specifically what they are going to do to who.”

In the last two years, the police force has flagged 50 to 60 music videos on YouTube’s platform that they claim help sparked violence in the UK, which has seen a nationwide surge in knife crime. (London’s murder rate rose by 44 percent in 2018.) According to the BBC, YouTube has now complied with requests to take down around half of the clips that the police force deemed excessively violent.

Source: YouTube Removes 30 Music Videos for ‘Gestures of Violence’