‘Multiple fatalities’ reported at Santa Fe High School shooting – Houston Chronicle

Authorities are investigating a shooting this morning at Santa Fe High School.

UPDATE 11:04 a.m.: Sheriff Gonzalez told reporters the number of dead could rise as high as 10. The suspect is believed to be a student, he said, and most of the dead are students. It is still a “very active” scene at the school, with a bomb squad and police checking to make sure the area is secure, he said.

11 a.m.: Gyl Switzer, executive director of Texas Gun Sense, issued a statement: “Our hearts go out to those affected by today’s shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe Texas. We Texans love our children. We must do a better job of protecting them. There are proven strategies to reduce senseless gun violence. Today, Texas Gun Sense re-doubles our commitment to stop the killing. Work with us.”

Source: ‘Multiple fatalities’ reported at Santa Fe High School shooting – Houston Chronicle

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