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Sub sale is May 12 from 8am To 10pm

The Hempfield subs are not pre-made — they’re assembled one by one in the wee hours of sale day by band members and parents in the high-school cafeteria.

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“When you have 215 kids in band, organization is everything,” says Carmen Davidson of Hempfield, president of the band-parent association. “We do this very well, and 99 percent of the time, we do it with a smile on our faces.”

The orders that students gather are due on Monday for the Saturday sale. The numbers are tallied to determine how much product is needed, with orders placed that evening.

Source: Hempfield Band Subs – Home | Facebook

A sub sale seems like an easy way to make a little cash — order a few subs, pick them up and stand on a street corner or in a parking lot until they’re sold.

But that’s not the Hempfield Area High School Marching Band way.

In 50 years of selling subs, the band and its supporters have turned a cottage industry into a highly organized, big-volume, major money-maker.


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