(KATC.com)  – Thank a Police Officer Day 2015


As social media makes the world a much smaller and connected place, law enforcement officers seem to be in the spotlight, a negative light.

Saturday, Sept. 19 is National Thank a Police Officer Day. This annual event was started by The Whole Truth Project.

The group suggest civilians make a small gesture to display appreciation and gratitude by saying “thank you.”

Two years ago The Whole Truth Project and the City of Broussard celebrated “Thank a Police Officer Day” by delivering cookie and bloom baskets in the shape of badges– just to say “Thank You.”

The Whole Truth Project is an organization dedicated to protecting innocent police officers, wrongfully accused of police misconduct in wrongful conviction lawsuits and other civil rights cases.


Source: KATC.com | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette – Thank a Police Officer Day 2015