(SFGate) – Brian Williams to debut on MSNBC on Sept. 22 –

Brian Williams Photo: Brad Barket, Associated Press

Brian WilliamsBrian Williams

Brian Williams, the beleaguered former anchor of NBC’s “Nightly News,” will start in his new position at the cable news network MSNBC on Sept. 22, an NBC News spokesman said Thursday.
Exact details about what Williams would be doing once he returns were not disclosed.
In February, NBC suspended Williams for six months without pay. The move came after the former anchor of NBC’s evening newscast was found to have fabricated his experience in a helicopter attack in Iraq.
In his new role, Williams will work as an anchor of breaking news and special reports at MSNBC. The position, which is a demotion and carries a salary cut, is a humbling blow for Williams. Before the controversy, he was one of the country’s most prominent and respected broadcast news journalists.
Williams was an MSNBC anchor from 1996 to 2004. The network, which has suffered sharp ratings declines, is trying to revive its fortunes by shifting from its left-leaning, opinion-based coverage to more hard news during the day.

Source: Brian Williams to debut on MSNBC on Sept. 22 – SFGate