(newsmax.com) – Coulter Changes Her View on Trump: ‘He’s Magnificent Now’

Donald Trump

Just four years ago, Ann Coulter was calling Donald Trump “a clown.” But now, since his much-publicized push against illegal immigration, she thinks he’s “magnificent.”

“We all make mistakes,” the outspoken political commentator and writer told Fox News’ Alan Colmes on his radio show Friday night. “We all make mistakes, [but] bygones will be bygones.”

But back in 2011, Coulter’s tone on Trump was different. She dismissed conservatives’ enthusiasm for the man who at one time was donating money to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, now the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination.

According to state and federal disclosure records, Clinton, while senator of New York, received donations from Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., during the years of 2002, 2005, 2006,and 2007, reports Politico.

“I think Trump is a clown,” Coulter said during her 2011 speech at George Washington University. “I expect the enthusiasm for him is based on two things: that the rest of at least the declared candidates aren’t exciting anybody, and there’s name recognition. And he has come out like gangbusters against the Obama administration like an establishment politician probably wouldn’t.”

She also called Trump’s “birtherism,” when he was demanding access to President Barack Obama’s birth certificate “all just a big act for the moment,” she said.

Ann Coulter
Coulter also pointed out that back in 2012, Trump had criticized Mitt Romney and Republicans for being too “mean-spirited” on immigration, but she said that was also a mistake.

Coulter says she is glad Trump is pushing immigration issues as a major focus for the 2016 race, while saying she is disappointed that Republicans only vow to get tough on immigration during election seasons.

Coulter and Trump are both causing controversy with their stances on immigration. She is on a media tour for her new anti-immigration book, “Adios America!”

In her book, she attacks the issue as well as Democrats, while criticizing the media, the government, and even Republican businessmen for profiting from mass immigration.

Source: Coulter Changes Her View on Trump: ‘He’s Magnificent Now’