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(bangkok post) – No European country ‘can be exempt’ from taking in refugees: Hollande

September 20, 2015 wpanews 0

A young boy looks at a police officer as his family cross the Croatian-Slovenian border in Rigonce on September 20, 2015 TANGIERS (MOROCCO) – No European country can get out of taking in refugees who have the right to asylum, French President Francois Hollande said Saturday, amid a growing row over how to fairly distribute a massive influx of migrants across the continent. The re-distribution “must involve all European countries […] READ MORE

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(ny times) – 17,000 Migrants Stranded in Croatia by Border Crackdown

September 19, 2015 wpanews 0

LONDON — As key nations tighten their borders, thousands of migrants and asylum seekers hoping to enter Western Europe are now bottled up in the Balkans, placing precarious new burdens on a region of lingering sectarian divisions that is exceptionally ill prepared to handle the crisis that has been shunted to it. More than 17,000 migrants have entered Croatia since Wednesday, and were essentially trapped there, having been blocked fromHungary, […] READ MORE

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(BBC News) – Europe migrant crisis: Hungary ‘will arrest illegal migrants’

September 11, 2015 wpanews 0

Migrant crisis Migrant crisis: Can EU overcome its rifts? Migrant crisis: Who does the EU send back? Finns’ arguments against immigration EU migration: Crisis in graphics Hungary’s PM has warned that people who cross the country’s border illegally will be arrested from next week. Viktor Orban said migrants entering Hungary in their thousands in the past weeks had “rebelled” against his police force, and order had to be restored. Aid […] READ MORE