Russia Dagestan shooting: Five women killed in attack on churchgoers – BBC News

February 19, 2018 wpanews 0

Worshippers leaving an evening church service in Dagestan were fired upon by a gunman. Russian news outlet RBK Daily quoted an Orthodox priest as saying the attack took place immediately following the afternoon service. “We had finished the mass and were beginning to leave the church. A bearded man ran towards the church shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is greatest) and killed four people,” the priest said. Source: Russia Dagestan shooting: […] READ MORE

Trio of suicide bombers kills 18 at crowded market in Nigeria

February 17, 2018 wpanews 0

The bombers, all believed to be female, left another 22 people wounded at a fish market Konduga, just outside the state capital, Maiduguri. The Islamist extremist group Boko Haram continues to carry outdeadly suicide bombings in Borno and other parts of northern Nigeria as part of its violent campaign to establish an Islamic state in the West African nation. The extremist group has increasingly used women and youth as bombers, often after abducting […] READ MORE

Pirates free 22 Indian crewmen in Gulf of Guinea – BBC News

February 6, 2018 wpanews 0

The vessel, the Marine Express, went missing in the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa last week. A crew of 22 Indian nationals have been freed by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea off Benin in West Africa. The crew was on board an oil tanker called the Marine Express, which went missing last Thursday and has also been released with its entire cargo of oil. All crew members are […] READ MORE

Virginia Tech freshman had assault rifle, attempted to buy 5,000 rounds of ammo, police say

January 31, 2018 wpanews 0

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Police have arrested a Virginia Tech student they say illegally had an assault rifle. Virginia Tech police arrested 19-year-old Yunsong Zhao on Monday and charged him with possessing or transporting an assault firearm while not being a  U.S. citizen or while not being lawfully admitted for permanent residence to the U.S, according to the arrest warrant. The charge is a class 6 felony. The warrant also states that per the complainant, in addition to having an assault […] READ MORE

Syria war: Turkish air strikes ‘damage ancient Afrin temple’ – BBC News

January 29, 2018 wpanews 0

Pictures show a crater in the centre of the temple of Ain Dara in Syria’s Kurdish-held Afrin region. The Neo-Hittite temple was built by the Arameans in the first millennium BC. Turkish troops and allied Syrian rebels launched an offensive to push a Kurdish militia out of Afrin nine days ago. The Turkish government says the People’s Protection Units (YPG) is an extension of the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), […] READ MORE

Kabul military academy hit by explosions and gunfire – BBC News

January 29, 2018 wpanews 0

It comes days after the deadliest bombing for months hit Kabul when an ambulance packed with explosives killed at least 100 people. Islamic State and the Taliban have recently carried out attacks in the city. Several explosions were heard, as well as small arms fire, as the attack began at about 05:00 local time (00:30 GMT), the BBC’s Mahfouz Zubaide reported from Kabul. Security forces have blocked off all roads in […] READ MORE

Kabul attack: Taliban kill 95 with ambulance bomb in Afghan capital – BBC News

January 27, 2018 wpanews 0

Many people are hurt in a Taliban suicide attack in the centre of the Afghan capital Kabul. Witnesses say the area – home to foreign embassies and the city’s police headquarters – was crowded with people when the bomb exploded on Saturday at about 12:15 local time (08:45 GMT). Plumes of smoke were seen from around the city. Officials said the death toll would probably continue to rise as casualties […] READ MORE

Gunman kills 11 in attacks on Coptic church, Christian-owned shop in Egypt

December 30, 2017 wpanews 0

A gunman killed at least 11 people on Friday in attacks on a Coptic Orthodox church and a Christian-owned shop near Cairo before he was wounded and arrested, the Egyptian interior ministry and church officials said. Source: Gunman kills 11 in attacks on Coptic church, Christian-owned shop in Egypt

San Francisco terror attack thwarted, feds say – CNN

December 23, 2017 wpanews 0

A former US Marine talked with an undercover FBI employee about carrying out a terror attack over the holidays at Pier 39, a busy shopping and tourist area in San Francisco, according to an affidavit filed in US District Court in California on Friday. Source: San Francisco terror attack thwarted, feds say – CNN

Suicide bombers attack Pakistan church, killing at least 9, officials say | Fox News

December 18, 2017 wpanews 0

Two suicide bombers attacked a church in Pakistan where hundreds of worshippers were attending service ahead of Christmas, killing at least nine people and injuring dozens of others, officials said. Source: Suicide bombers attack Pakistan church, killing at least 9, officials say | Fox News