Monroeville man on bicycle charged with theft from Murrysville Sheetz site | TribLIVE

Timothy Charles Persinger, 45, allegedly moved a pump outside the fenced-in construction site to behind a small brick building where police found it after following bicycle tracks in the wet grass, the complaint states.

Elsewhere, police found a broken fuel tank that was missing its nozzle and pump and a trail of gasoline from the tank to the stolen pump. Persinger allegedly had gloves and rope in his pockets and smelled of gasoline, police said.

Source: Monroeville man on bicycle charged with theft from Murrysville Sheetz site | TribLIVE

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(NBC News) – Homeowner Catches Burglar Camping Out, Selling Belongings Online

by Tim Stelloh

Ed Saurs pulled into the driveway of his two-story home on a quiet suburban street in Puyallup, Washington, just after 12 p.m. last Tuesday. Saurs, 58, was there for a business meeting — he was putting the longtime family home up for sale — but he immediately noticed something odd.

The Chevy truck in his driveway didn’t belong to his real estate agent, and through the open front door of his house he could see a young man who he didn’t know standing in the front hallway. So Saurs, a retired Air Force loadmaster, approached him.

“I asked: What are you doing in my house?” Saurs told NBC News. “He said, ‘I’m here to buy the microwave.’ I said, ‘My microwave is not for sale.'”

Saurs discovered that in the couple of weeks that he’d been in Olympia, where he and his wife live full time, someone had broken into his home, slept on a mattress on the floor and undertaken an astonishingly brazen heist, a burglary so casual it could have been an online date: The Saurs’ family belongings — an iPod, a lawnmower, a table saw, the microwave — were currently for sale on Craigslist and another classifieds site,

IMAGE: Craigslist ad As Saurs talked to the confused would-be customer, he saw someone in the kitchen — a white man with a beard and a baseball cap who appeared to be in his mid-20s. “He peered around and saw me coming,” Saurs recalled. “I ran out the side and chased him.”

When the apparent thief hopped over a four-foot wooden fence, Saurs thought better of giving chase. He went back inside to survey the damage, dial 911 and get debriefed by the customer, who showed him the online advertisements and told him what he could about the man trying to hawk Saurs’ microwave.

Gone was the refrigerator Saurs installed a couple of years before, during a kitchen remodel. Gone was the washer and dryer and the convection oven and the tool chest and his 84-year-old father’s set of golf clubs. In total, Saurs estimated that several thousand dollars’ worth of items were stolen. But that was hardly the point.

“We’ve got 25 years of memories here,” he said. “Christmases. My daughter was married in the backyard. … To cap it off with a violation like this? It doesn’t sit real well.”

A neighbor caught the man’s escape on a surveillance camera, and Pierce County sheriff’s detectives collected fingerprints from a water bottle left next to the mattress where the burglar was sleeping, as well as drug paraphernalia that he left behind, Saurs said.

So far, he’s heard nothing.


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(benchmark reporter) – Armed Robbers use backhoe to rob ATM from bank in Florida

Source: Armed Robbers use backhoe to rob ATM from bank in Florida

Armed Robbers use backhoe to rob ATM from bank in Florida

Florida cops have captured two robbers who were on their attempt to flee after seizing an ATM from the local bank with the help of a stolen backhoe. The robbers were identified as Francisco Hernandez, 53 and Jesus Antonio Sanchez, 50 both residents of Clewiston. They are currently being held at the Polk County Jail on grand theft auto charges as reported by the Orlando Sentinel.

Hernandez and Sanchez are believed to have stolen the backhoe from a local construction site, before heading to Winter Haven and capturing an ATM from the wall of the CentreState Bank. The entire incident has been recorded by a surveillance camera near the ATM. The footage has confirmed the robbery being taken place on Friday midnight.

The suspects however claim that they were innocent as they had been collecting scrap metal and were unable to recall where items pulled by the investigating deputy had been located. Hernandez was previously known to officials due to an outstanding Hendry Country arrest warrant for violating his probation. Sanchez was also on probation for a previous grand theft offence.

According to a bank representative, the suspects did manage to take the ATM from the wall but they were in no attempt to open it.

Backhoes are generally used to excavate or dig and is usually mounted on tractors and front loaders. The suspects have been referred to as “brazen” for their shameless assault on the ATM. The motivation of the two men remains unclear and the two men remain in holding at Polk County Jail.

Recent reports suggest that ATM theft is on the rise as criminals turn to stealing ATM’s rather than swiping credit cards. In 2010 in Texas, 100 ATM machines were stolen. Bank robberies appear to be down.

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