Zachary Cruz, Parkland massacre suspect’s brother, arrested for trespassing at school | Fox News

March 20, 2018 wpanews 0

Zachary Cruz, the brother of the gunman who killed 17 people on Feb. 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, was arrested Monday for trespassing on the school’s property. Officials said that despite warnings not to enter the Stoneman Douglas campus, Cruz went through locked doors and gates and rode his skateboard throughout the property — all of which was captured on security footage. Cruz, according to the arrest report, […] READ MORE

Defend free inquiry: IUP must uphold all students’ rights to expression | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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  Lake Ingle, a religious studies major at IUP, has been barred from a course taught by Ms. Downie. The class, “Self, Sin and Salvation,” is intended for religious studies majors, who are expected to dissect and discuss Christian perspectives on a range of topics. Mr. Ingle claims that he must complete the course successfully to satisfy a graduation requirement. So why is he barred from the class? If you […] READ MORE

Obituary: Stephen Hawking – BBC News

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Despite a crippling illness, Stephen Hawking became one of the most respected scientists of his age. Stephen William Hawking was born in Oxford on 8 January 1942. His father, a research biologist, had moved with his mother from London to escape German bombing. Hawking grew up in London and St Albans and, after gaining a first-class degree in physics from Oxford, went on to Cambridge for postgraduate research in cosmology. […] READ MORE

Hempfield H.S. Closed Due To Potential Mass Shooting Threat « CBS Pittsburgh

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KDKA reported that classes were canceled Friday at Hempfield High School due to a potential threat. Buses were turned around and returned high school students to their homes. State police are now investigating the threat. Middle and elementary schools were placed on a two-hour delay as buses brought high school students home. According to Superintendent Tammy Wolicki, administrators were made aware of a potential threat in the early morning. Hempfield Area School District includes […] READ MORE

Bill to arm some Florida teachers, restrict rifle sales passes state house, goes to governor Rick Scott | Fox News

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The Florida House passed a school safety bill Wednesday that includes new restrictions on rifle sales and a program to arm some teachers, sending the measure to the governor for his signature. The vote of 67-50 reflected a mix of Republicans and Democrats in support and opposition. The measure, a response to the shootings at a Parkland high school that left 17 dead, is supported by the victims’ families. Source: […] READ MORE

West Virginia teachers: No pay raise, no school; strike goes on

March 5, 2018 wpanews 0

Unions representing teachers say they’ll remain on strike after the state Senate voted to cut the pay raise they had negotiated Unions representing West Virginia teachers and service personnel say they will remain on strike after the state Senate voted to cut the 5 percent pay raise they had negotiated with the governor. A joint legislative committee has been formed to address differences in the pay raise bills of the state Senate […] READ MORE

Stephen Hawking thinks he knows what happened before the beginning of time

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Neil deGrasse Tyson asked Stephen Hawking to share his thoughts on what happened before the big bang — or the beginning of the universe. “The boundary condition of the universe…is that it has no boundary,” Hawking says. Basically, Hawking’s favorite answer to this question is that there kind of isn’t any such thing as a time before the big bang. Time smooths out as you get closer and closer to […] READ MORE

2 killed at Central Michigan University, gunman ‘armed and dangerous’ still at large | Fox News

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A Michigan university is on high alert after reports of shots fired early Friday morning. Police said James Eric Davis, Jr., 19, opened fire inside Campbell Hall at Central Michigan University around 8:30 a.m., in what officials described as “a family-type domestic issue.” They said Davis was still at large and considered “armed and dangerous.” Source: 2 killed at Central Michigan University, gunman ‘armed and dangerous’ still at large | […] READ MORE

Precedent says West Virginia teacher’s strike isn’t lawful | PolitiFact

March 1, 2018 wpanews 0

  West Virginia teachers spent a third day on strike on Feb. 26 after negotiations over the weekend were insufficient to end the walkout. But is their strike legal? Shortly before the strike began, state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (and U.S. Senate candidate) said it wasn’t. On Feb. 21, Morrisey tweeted, ” ‘The impending work stoppage is unlawful and should come to an end.’ — Patrick Morrisey.” Source: Precedent says West Virginia teacher’s […] READ MORE

FRANKLIN SCHOOL THREAT: 3 students charged with making terroristic threats | WPXI

March 1, 2018 wpanews 0

Three students at a high school in Venango County are facing charges after allegedly threatening to shoot students. Three students at a high school in Venango County are facing charges after allegedly threatening to shoot students. Channel 11 News has learned that a student at Franklin Area Junior-Senior High School overheard the threat and reported it to the high school principal. Rick Earle@WPXIRickEarle Breaking: three teens arrested and charged after “authentic threat” […] READ MORE

Dolly Parton’s literacy program donates its 100 millionth book to Library of Congress – ABC News

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  Dolly Parton joined “Good Morning America” earlier today to discuss her special appearance in Washington, D.C., Tuesday where she celebrated a huge milestone for her book-giving literacy program and launched a new venture with the nation’s largest library. “It makes me feel proud of who I am, where I’m from and the fact that I am in a position to help people and especially the kids,” Parton said of the milestone […] READ MORE

Norwin High School evacuated after bomb threat found | WPXI

February 28, 2018 wpanews 0

Norwin High school temporarily evacuated students after a bomb threat was found Tuesday. Source: Norwin High School evacuated after bomb threat found | WPXI Melanie Marsalko ✔@WPXIMelanie This is the line of cars on Route 30 trying to get into Norwin High School to pick up their kids… the right lane is backed up probably about a mile. #WPXI 12:04 PM – Feb 27, 2018 6 See Melanie Marsalko’s other Tweets […] READ MORE

Why Don’t Schools Use The Most Effective Teaching Methods?

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  A new peer-reviewed meta-analysis of 328 studies performed over the past 50 years finds “strong positive results” for a style of teaching known as direct instruction. It was found to be effective across races, sexes, ages, family income levels, and subjects: “all of the estimated effects were positive and all were statistically significant except results” related to non-academic effects such as personality and feelings. It’s a particularly noteworthy finding because the field […] READ MORE


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  Police say that a student pushed open a screen and got in the building. The student told police that he was sleep walking at the time The student claimed that upon waking up and realizing  he was in the school that he called police. School officials canceled classes because of security concerns. Police are continuing to investigate. Source: HEMPFIELD CLASSES CANCELLED WEDNESDAY AFTER STUDENT BREAK-IN | 107.1 FM WHJB […] READ MORE

California school shooting plot thwarted, police say | Fox News

February 22, 2018 wpanews 49

A plot by a “disgruntled” student who was planning a mass shooting at a Southern California high school was thwarted after a security guard overheard a conversation, authorities said Tuesday. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said a security guard at El Camino High School in Whittier, located east of Los Angeles, overheard the student threaten to open fire on the school Friday. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Nicole Nishida told the Associated […] READ MORE