Gunman at Veterans Home of California in Yountville and 3 female hostages found dead | Fox News

An armed man took three hostages during an active shooter situation at a California veterans home Friday afternoon, officials confirmed, enacting a lockdown of the facility.

Authorities received a call of shots fired at the Yountville veterans home, described as the largest such facility in the country, at 10:20 a.m. prompting several law enforcement agencies to respond, Assistant Chief Chris Childs, of the CHP’s Golden Gate Division, said during an earlier news conference.

  • An armed man and three hostages were found dead at a veterans’ home in Northern California after a daylong standoff with police.
  • The suspected gunman and hostages were inside a room in one of the buildings at the facility, and hostage negotiators had been unable to make contact with the suspect.
  • The gunman is believed to have been a veteran and a former patient at the veterans’ home.

Within four minutes, a Napa County Sheriff’s deputy arrived at the scene and encountered the suspect in one of the buildings, Childs said. Gunfire was exchanged.

“It’s not known at this time how many rounds were exchanged but I am happy to report that as of this moment, there have been no injuries,” he said.

Source: Gunman at Veterans Home of California in Yountville has 3 hostages; no contact with shooter | Fox News