Amazon: What to Expect In 2017 |

5 ways Amazon could be an even bigger market force in 2017

1. Increased emphasis on logistics: Amazon spends billions of dollars each quarter on shipping, and those costs are rising as the company expands to deliver everything from toilet paper to TVs to customers in two days or less. To save money over the past year, Amazon has been seeking to take over more shipping duties from the likes of UPS and FedEx by leasing trucks, planes, and ships. The company is even testing drones to supplement its doorstep deliveries. Ultimately, Amazon may rely more on itself to get orders to your doorstep than ever.

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2. Doubling down on artificial intelligence and Alexa: Amazon had a big head start over Apple and Google in virtual assistants thanks to its early bet on the Echo and Alexa, the voice-controlled helper that answers questions, plays music on command, and orders diapers. But Google is trying to catch up with its own rival virtual assistant, Google Assistant, and its accompanying Google Home automation device. Will Amazon lose some of its lead in this emerging market in 2017?

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