(Baxter Bulletin) – Paul Ryan needs to go

By Joseph Cotto

Republicans across the fruited plains are hopping mad at Paul Ryan.

This is understandable in light of the House Speaker’s supporting a pseudo-budgetary bill which, among other things, funds Syrian refugee resettlement, bankrolls sanctuary cities for illegal aliens, quadruples work visas issued foreigners, allows tax credits for those in the country unlawfully, and expands our national deficit.

This legislation easily passed the House, much delighting the President, his administrative officials, their party’s apparatchiks, and Democratic congressional leadership. A majority of House Republicans voted against the bill, but Ryan secured enough ‘opposition’ votes to push it through.

In certain respects, his actions are far from surprising. For years on end, he has been a supporter of radically increased immigration and assorted pet projects of the cheap labor lobby. Ryan’s professed mission to shrink government is curious since he has held a well-paying public sector job for the overwhelming majority of his adult life.

That may explain his stealth advocacy of corporate welfare and pay increases for congresspersons. Hypocrisy is a game the Speaker plays quite well.

Source: Paul Ryan needs to go