(USA Today) – Black Friday scams to beware of and avoid

Scammers can target online shopper during Black Friday. (Photo: Thinkstock)

By Courtney Jespersen, NerdWallet

Black Friday means it’s time for Americans everywhere to bundle up, hit the stores and fill their shopping carts with reduced-price electronics and gifts.

Dubious delivery confirmations

Many Black Friday shoppers go online to buy their gifts, and scammers know it.

And it’s not just email or social media — it can extend to text messages, too, according to cyber security giant Norton.

“Beware of pop-up shops that show up around the holidays, as these stores can disappear before you know it,” the Better Business Bureau warned shoppers before Black Friday 2014.

Read the return policy. Before you buy anything on Black Friday, do a little research. In the event your item turns out to be less than satisfactory, you’ll need to know if, how and for how long you can return or exchange it. Return policies will differ from store to store and by type of product.

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